Delivering Software that is Better by Design

The ROI Software Development Model ©

High Quality Software Development is represented by the letter Q with a checkmark over top

High Quality
“High quality means a low defect rate. Business never loses confidence in the product. Brand reputation is maintained and held in high regard.” — more

Agile Software Development is represented by a dart which hits the bullseye even though the target keeps moving

“Agile is the framework which promotes customer and team involvement to build the high quality, high customer satisfaction systems. As a result of this the entire team is motivated and develops a sense of cohesion and accomplishment.” — more

ROI Software Development is represented by chart showing net profit going from red to black and increasing over time

ROI Development
“ROI (Return On Investment) Development means the business obtains value from their investment as soon as possible.” — more

Feature Driven Development is represented by a groups of people who provide input on features of value

Feature Driven Development
“High business satisfaction is a result of feature driven development. A focus is placed on the features most important to the business and those are delivered incrementally.” — more

Lean Software Development is represented by a plain grey button representing a lack of gold plating

“Lean is the concept of developing the easiest solution and doing only what is required and useful. If processes are not adding value, then processes need to change.” — more

Vision Development is represented by a pair of binoculars looking toward the future

Vision Development
“Vision Development is maintaining both short and long term vision for the system being developed. Both the business and development team know the goals and value of the system they are developing.” — more

Greg Swearingen

Greg Swearingen’s been designing and building business applications for over 17 years and providing training for over 26. Applying his skill from the early days of Netscape Navigator to today's mobile environment he stays up on the best of the best. While having designed and developed numerous software systems over the years, he is most proud of the award received for software developed and used to help those deployed during Operating Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. Greg continues to develop, train, and he tweets @gergnotes.