Agile Software Development

Software Development that is Responsive to Business

Agile is about being responsive to business needs. Agile software development has been around a long time, but has recently received more attention due to the demand by business to be responsive. Software development must be able to adapt as needed to changing environments and competition from competitors. Agile software development provides a framework with repeated input from business owners on the shaping of their software.

Software Development that is Business Owned

The key to success in Agile software development is the involvement of the business owner(s). Additionally the involvement needs to come from the best in the business. This can be difficult as the best in the business will have many demands apart from assisting with software development. The business owner(s) must see the vision and commit their best to the effort. They will be shaping tools of the future for the company and the payback to the company will be immense.

While the software development is business owned, there is a partnership with the development team. The development team takes the ideas and goals of the business and builds the appropriate software solution.