Feature Driven Software Development

Features with the Highest ROI Developed First

Business prioritizes those features with the highest return on investment. This priority drives the focus of the development effort. Because there is a short time frame between released versions of the software business is able to provide ongoing feedback. This feedback comes in the form of additional features, design changes, workflow changes, and reprioritization of the features still to be developed.

Due to the speed at which new software capabilities are developed and the speed at which competition can change, it is imperative that business stays engaged in prioritizing feature development. Those features identified to have the highest ROI are prioritized and the result is software with both high usability and high business satisfaction.

High Business Satisfaction

High business satisfaction is a result of feature driven development. When the focus is placed on the features most important to the business and those are delivered incrementally, the business realizes the benefits in the short term. This realization may be in the form of cost savings because a process is improved. The realization may be in form of increased sales. These are both measurable benefits to the business.

With a focus on features providing the highest ROI, people using the software also experience the difference. Whether this is in the form of making their job easier, making their job more productive, or providing a better user experience, the result is people liking the software. People want to use the software because it is useful. Business realizing the measurable benefit and people experiencing real benefits combine to for a system with high business satisfaction.