ROI Software Development

Business Obtains Value as Soon as Possible

ROI (Return On Investment) Development is all about the business getting value from the software development effort as soon as possible. Whether business processes are being made more efficient or products are going to market, you should expect a return on your investment and the sooner you can start realizing a return the better.

Business owners identify their high value and critical requirements which drive the focus of development and release. Get the product into the customer's hands as soon as possible and start obtaining a return on the investment.

Software Development Teams Reap Rewards

There is a point at which senior development teams seek more than money as a reward.

While the software development is business owned, there is a partnership with the development team. The development team takes the ideas and goals of the business and builds the appropriate software solution.

Book of Tales From the Trenches

The Best in the Business
Sometimes I hear, “The VP does not have the time to dedicate to this effort”

What is a leaders time worth? How much can getting software wrong cost? These are a couple of questions worth evaluation.

I am working with one of the best in the business on Vision Development for a new system. Through discussion we realize the system we envision has the potential to go enterprise wide if we build it with a few additional features. To sell the value to the leadership team I suggest time be taken to the estimate cost savings potential of the new system. The cost savings estimate was completed and this helped sell the system to the leadership team. The system was developed and became a local hit. Word of the system's benefits spread through the company and the system was deployed for use throughout the company. Total savings has been 1.25 million dollars per year. Was this worth the leader's time?