Word 2013 Copy Styles to the Normal Template

The easiest way to move styles from one Word document to another is through the use of the default Word template, Normal.dotm or the Normal template. When the Normal.dotm file is used Word will Automatically Update Document Styles in the document where you want the styles applied. If you do not use the Normal template, […]

The #1 Improvement for Government Software Projects

The number one improvement to be made on government software projects is to keep the requirement team around that documented the requirements. This provides a number of benefits: Saves time Saves money Provides accountability of requirements Improves deliverables If you work in a non-government business you may wonder at this. The False Belief Many government agencies are […]

Rapid JAD

Rapid JAD (Joint Application Design)—specific techniques and practices that accelerate solution discovery, design, and development and increase quality. Using the familiar JAD workshop framework, Rapid JAD methods emphasize: Advanced collaborative planning Single-source documentation High design visibility to produce actionable development specifications. Using planning tools such as functional wireframes and process flows, with participants focus on clarifying […]

Mobile Stats: Wait honey, “Why not shop on your phone?”

Mobile Stats: Wait honey, “Why not shop on your phone?” When have you ever heard a CIO say, “We need a nice phone interface for our tablet users!” Never. Never.Never. Nobody wants an application designed for a phone displayed on a tablet. The tablet has more real estate. So why do I see so many […]

The Search Design Mindset

By Greg Swearingen Everyone who is creating website content needs to have a Search Design Mindset. A Search Design Mindset brings content creation and design together with designing for search engine results. Someone with a Search Design Mindset thinks, “How do I create content in such a way that I can meet my goals & […]

Wireframing with PowerPoint

PowerPoint is a powerful way to quickly deliver development ideas via wireframes. PowerPoint already has the superb delivery to show your designs, something other wireframe tools struggle to do cleanly. Through the PowerStory add on you can quickly develop a storyboard that is easy to print and share with development teams. At the BAPDD 2013 […]