Rapid JAD

Rapid JAD (Joint Application Design)—specific techniques and practices that accelerate solution discovery, design, and development and increase quality.
Using the familiar JAD workshop framework, Rapid JAD methods emphasize:

  1. Advanced collaborative planning
  2. Single-source documentation
  3. High design visibility to produce actionable development specifications.

Using planning tools such as functional wireframes and process flows, with participants focus on clarifying the development objectives by defining the “definition of done.” Single-source documentation techniques that capture information at the time of discovery increase shared understanding, which reduces refactoring. Finally, creating shared access to a growing body of requirements documentation and system prototypes encourages and maintains customer engagement throughout the development lifecycle.

Rapid JAD techniques enable practitioners to discover sooner, and define more precisely, needed IT solutions for a given business application. Additionally, Rapid JAD practices increase client engagement, set the stage for productive training, and help to ensure rapid user adoption and optimal use of new system functionality.

Rapid JAD methodology  was developed by Erik Jul and Greg Swearingen

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